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tv   Headline News  RT  February 16, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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central russia is reeling from friday's spectacular meteor strike that left over a thousand people injured and caused widespread damage and distress. rival rallies in egypt anti-government protesters once again clashed with police on a hard line islamists march in support of the president and sharia law accusing the opposition of inciting violence. by his fellow republican senators u.s. defense secretary nominee judge chuck hagel will be given another try but only after a weeklong test and. top stories this hour. from the new center here in moscow this is the with the on line on screen twenty four hours a day. people in russia's urals are recovering from the shock of the meteor that
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crashed to earth in the area on friday the space rock exploded in the sky creating a powerful shockwave and damaging hundreds of buildings including schools. twelve hundred people have been injured as a result of the devastating explosion many of them children as you go to reports now from the affected region. thankfully the night passed quietly and without any incidents in chile at instance there were fears that more meteors were going to hit the area nothing of the kind happened but the consequences of friday's meteor are still quite a handful it's not only about shattered glass lots of old buildings were damaged as
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well like this factory there behind me where parts of the wall and roof just collapsed which is remarkable since we're around one hundred kilometers because there are sixty miles away from where the media or fell on friday the explosion was so powerful nasa says it was equal to around twenty nukes dropped on hiroshima thankfully these explosions caused by the media were not accompanied by lethal radioactivity for more what happened here on friday here's this report it wasn't a bird or a plane or superman but something much louder and brighter faster and many times of war terrifying because big bright like him shining across the sky you know blinding brighter than the sun it was around nine am when the skies were suddenly lit up by media or flying over breaking into three parts a leading a striking trail of smoke before vanishing just minutes later the city and the surrounding areas were literally rocked by
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a series of massive explosion. and. i immediately called one of my teammates who lives in my building and i you know i couldn't get through to him by phone in work so i was a little bit scared at that point so powerful it damaged buildings and shattered windows all across the city of dallas. i was told that it plane crashed right into our building then we were told that a wall has been partly dislodged and metal structures inside of a band by the blast wave it was very scary. many were able to film the under fisa naaman on the leader of wedding the web with footage as rumors spread of what it might have been a stricken airplane a satellite that fell out of orbit even the beginning of the end of the world in our t.v. documentary crew that was working in the area suddenly found themselves at the center of events that put up that we saw a huge tail in the sky like from an airplane and then there was
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a bright fire and an explosion but the feeling was like there are. we thought a military jets may have crashed or that it was some manmade disaster it was a relief to find out said he's a natural phenomena anyway except over twelve hundred people were injured including over two hundred children mostly from pieces of shattered glass not one of the girls ran out to take pictures yes. and she was thrown in by the waves that came after this the flash and then we. my ears got blocked and the whole room get got filled with dust just like like a fog it's estimated the media as we varied from ten to forty tons and its speed of around twenty miles per second it gave it a huge amount of energy and made it very difficult to detect in advance there are telescopes networks operated by nasa in the u.s. and what's cosmos in russia and the european space agency others that are out there
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trying to detect and track asteroids but honestly there's a lot of there's hundreds of thousands and their biggest focus is on the really large ones ones that are hundreds of meters in diameter or kilometers in diameter that could potentially you know do to us what happened to the dinosaurs thankfully no one was killed this time and luckily the meteor didn't hit any industrial facilities including several nuclear sites to. launch next fall trails from the school of earth and space exploration says this was an event of huge scientific interest. meteor is an asteroid on a calm many of them come from the outer part of our solar system perturbations from the planet jupiter and other planets there's a huge. store of of comets asteroids out outside the orbits of jupiter and outside in fact the outer solar system some of them periodically get
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disturbed by the gravity of the inner planets and get sent inwards some of them are big balls of ice and become comets others are big balls of rock and the impact on mars and the earth and the moon and. what's fascinating is actually you could if you can collect some of this material some of it is primordial if we actually detect it and we can we can get it right after it falls we can actually measure material that hasn't been processed since a solar system formed four and have billion years ago so for scientists it's a fascinating event and i'm happy that people weren't killed by it but if some of that material can be recovered it will be incredibly interesting and important for scientists and all tito coming on a special section on the exploding space role can they have a. look on to check out the exact timeline of the incident as well as more images and first hand accounts. are.
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egypt is once again being shaken by burning buildings and stone throwing protesters with tear gas and water cannon unleashed in response as rallies against the president and ruling is a must have routinely turned into clashes with riot police the need unrest began on the second anniversary of the country's revolt and has been taking place weekly since then this time however there was a massive rival rally organized by hard line islamists thousands gathered in courage to show their support for president morsi and islamic law demonstrators lashed out of the opposition blaming for violence that has taken at least seventy lines in recent weeks but despite this display of multi t.v. of current leadership many experts believe its days are numbered. what you had in egypt in the last two years is in effect a coup by twelve percent it's the actual number of eligible voters who voted for the sharia constitution and that's the muslim brotherhood and the majority of the
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egyptians they are dead set against any kind of shari'a constitution they want to have their democracy they want to be able to breathe openly and were should go out in their own way and not be told what to do now i think the interesting thing is what's happening in washington since the second obama term began i think what we're seeing is on the obama have it that this entire muslim brotherhood experiment of the arab spring has turned out to be a catastrophe and they're pivoting their energies towards china and downgrading their support of the groups like morsi so i think what's playing out now is the brotherhood is finished in egypt i don't see any way that there's going to be a reconciliation and the people the people smell that they sense that they feel that and that's what's driving so either the brotherhood steps down peacefully and respects the will the majority or we're going to have a very bloody ugly egypt. to libya now where unlike egypt rallies marking the two
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year anniversary since the uprising broke out have been largely peaceful so far but fears of unrest and violence are still strong there's a mixed mood in the country ahead of official celebrations in benghazi the birthplace of the revolt a bomb exploded outside a police station but local media reported the attack was purely criminal and lacked any political motive there is however a growing feeling of discontent over the power of militias the abundance of guns and a lack of government control political analyst dr abraham aleutian explains what trends in post gadhafi libya are threatening the country's future and what we have seen over the last two years in libya is that this integration of any form of central control paving the way for the fragmentation of the country into three states at the same time there is around lawlessness in the country there is an outgrowth of fundamentalism of the criminals that has spilled over and somali as we have seen
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over the last couple of months a little bit. more than two months and at the same time we have this but. thrive breaking out between the front militias in the country so yes a lot has changed but not for the better chuck hagel will be given another shot at becoming the u.s. defense secretary after the senate returns from recess in less than ten days from now a storing vote by hagar's fellow republicans saw him fall just short of learning the job early this week the vietnam veteran is known for preferring diplomatic tools to direct military action opposing the views of his party members and for criticism of the jewish lobby in washington assistant secretary of the u.s. treasury under president reagan paul craig roberts told us how some of haggles previous comments have backfired against him. she had. made a mistake some years ago when he said that he was an american so not an israeli
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senator and this instant come up. in the last presidential election in the united states the israeli prime minister. supported. the peace process for the. speeded president of the united states and a very demeaning way. and so a bomb and i was answering back to the israeli prime minister by appointing a u.s. senator who did a very very rare thing and asserted his independence. the israeli government u.s. authorities are planning to find a way every tweet ever sent in a huge archive. they're doing that they should be doing like killing people across the world you know there's only so much we can do and i think it's a kind of low on the priority but it's still a point that they should stop. later in the program from this quiz people in new
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york that that kind of interest is a necessary safeguard or a sinister form of snooping. and attempts to study the shaky global economy are being made at the g twenty gathering of finance heads here in moscow report on the cracks within their ranks this. after a short break stay with us. while . technology innovation all the developments from around russia we. covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is.
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welcome to the big picture. if you. come. to. it. and he continues here in r.t. there is a new big game against big brother being played across germany us a teaming up to destroy as many surveillance cameras as possible the players claim the message is serious and that they're protecting their privacy. are exposed
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whether their actions a valid or just a love a form of vandalism if you ever get the feeling that someone is watching you whilst walking through the streets of the german capital there may be more to it than paranoia. the amount of sensitivity civilians in germany is on the rise and it's not as bad yet as in other countries for example of the u.k. there are millions of cameras installed but still the number is rising and that's worrying us. increase has seen some villages take quite drastic action and fight back against what they see as the invasion of their privacy the target for their fight the cameras themselves the phenomenon has even produced an online game cam over the rules are simple film yourself destroying c.c.t.v. cameras posted online and points are awarded for the amount of cameras smashed as well as bonus points for creativity although many privacy campaign is uneasy this
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more militants approach we're not a particular big fan of while and even if it's while it's against things that's a form of protest we do not support of the ovi support the message. is contest will culminate in a protest ahead of the european police congress in berlin law enforcers fear the movement and its methods will only rise in popularity and public damage i don't think it's it's a group that is committing these crimes i think these are some people from the left wing political corner they want others to compete with them to destroy cameras and what about allegations that the rise in c.c.t.v. coverage was turning berlin into an all well in state no i don't think so i think we have a strict law that only the personal belongings or the personal. the
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ground you own can be protected by a camera you're not allowed to point the camera at a public street and so i don't think there's. big brother watching everybody or germany does. some very strict laws when it comes to personal image rights even global giants like google of how to censor the faces of anyone snapped on this street view service the advancements of things like smartphones the amount of pictures taken and uploaded to the web every day is sure to make it even more difficult for those who prefer to keep their anonymity the authorities deny that big brother is watching you in berlin however as the amount of c.c.t.v. in the city goes up it becomes increasingly difficult not to get caught on camera peter all over r.t. . over at our website at the moment an image of two palestinian children killed by israeli soldiers scoops the twenty twelve world press photo award but it turns out
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there are even more shocking images doing the rounds on social networks and sparking mass outrage you can find out more about that in a moment on t.v. dot com. also online at the moment a russian man raid a mental health center to rescue his girlfriend claiming she was unfairly sectioned at the request of his mother to find out who is in trouble now. the finance chief of the world's biggest economies have united in chorus against looming currency wars following high level talks here in moscow for russia the gathering is seen as a launch pad for its hosting of the g. twenty summit later this year but his duty coming off takes a look at what sparked the currency battle talks in the first place and what is behind the apparent unity. japan is actually at the center of this crisis because of its aggressive monetary and fiscal policies that have led to a weakening of the yen and basically in tough economic times one option that
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a country house is to artificially make the value of its currency worth a little bit less so for example making something like this twenty dollar bill worth less you can do that by a variety of means like printing money why would you want to do that because when you do you value your currency your manufacturing good your goods your exports become cheaper and that gives you a short term economic boost which is something that a lot of these countries europe the united states japan certainly desperately need in these tough economic times there are many problems with this approach but of course the biggest one is that when you start to do something your trading partners will say hey your stuff is cheaper i want to follow suit and do the same thing and that results in a tit for tat economic clash that we know as a currency war what we're hearing right now is finance ministers essentially saying this currency war thing it's probably not going to happen does that mean that that's the case we don't quite know perhaps japan and other countries have gotten the message behind closed doors but the other issue that a lot of experts have really brought up here is that there is no consensus in the g
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twenty on this issue because of internal divisions for example what you have is doing isn't really all that different from what the fed in the united states does which has been printing money furiously so there's really not a lot of incentive for countries to sort of get together and take a tough stance on this issue another battle that we've really seen emerge in these talks between the united states and europe over a spirit versus debt basically the europeans have been pushing for countries to stick to agreements that were decided upon several years ago to cut down borrowing and debt they think that this sort of tough austerity measures medicine is the kind of thing that's going to help this economic crisis come to an end well countries like the united states and we in fact i've heard that the u.s. is blocking specifically this push they don't want to reduce their borrowing because they're heavily in debt and if they stop borrowing if they reduce their deficit that that theoretically hurt unemployment and other sort of domestic internal issues. why some currency war tactics work for some and not for others
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well that's discussed by ortiz financial gurus max keiser and stacy her but you can watch the full program later this hour but he is a quick preview for. everybody he's doing it venezuela devalued recently by over thirty percent in the u.k. the pound has pound sterling has fallen by over ten percent against international currencies and yet their export market is up barely point one percent so it hasn't worked for them they showed up to a global currency war with their feet paper and it hasn't done anything for them you know if you're show up to a gunfight with a knife chances are you're getting i got stripped shot in the street like a shark to a currency war with paper like. these other central bank lands and you'll also be eviscerated gunned down in the street by the gold vigilantes and that's a good thing.
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to some other international news now here in r t clashes have broken out in turkey between police and kurdish protestors on the fourteenth anniversary of the rest of the leader of the kurdistan workers party known as the p.k. k. demonstrations took place in several provinces across the country security forces use water cannon and tear gas to disperse crowds the p.k. is long fought for kurdish autonomy demanding greater political and cultural rights . thousands of protesters are gathering in the capitals of portugal and spain they're responding to union calls to put on a show of anger over fresh sturdy measures according to eyewitness reports there are at least five thousand people taking part in madrid with more expected to join spain as you know wave of rallies in recent months with protests over fresh budget cuts in the education and medical sectors. police in pakistan so at least sixty three people have been killed and up to two hundred injured in a suicide blast. in the southwest of the country a remote controlled bomb went off in
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a shiite area the city of quarter with numerous women and children among the victims a spate of similar assaults against shiite communities have been carried out by hardline sunni groups in recent months a little earlier we talked to robert naiman he's policy director at just foreign policy who does not see an end to such sectarian attacks we think we know is this result of. training by a particular group of militants sunni extremists. who. attacked before as recently as. their ideology. curtis. this particular group. takes this ideology to extreme violence against she has a. turning point now politically where the. coming under scrutiny in the right state i'm lisa leaves of the u.s. government i won't complain about i won't publish information. so now
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street cameras and other kinds of surveillance across the u.s. give its citizens the feeling of having less and less privacy but it seems what you've done in the past also won't be forgotten as the library of congress is now creating a database of all tweets ever posted or healthiness took to the streets of new york to find out whether the government is once again showing too much interest in people's private lives. the library of congress announced that it's storing our tweet is this just another method of surveillance or is it a way of archiving the times this week let's talk about that did you know that our government is starting to store all of our tweets they're archiving them in the library of congress not surprised you're not surprised by that now why not they're quite every day are you ok with that no absolutely not. so what we do about it you
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know i don't know because they're doing a lot of other stuff that they should be doing like killing people across the world but you know there's only so much we can do i think so our tweets are kind of low on the priority but it's still important they should stop there and yeah it's just another way that they can surveil us right yeah but i think how would you feel about your government storing all those tweets that scares me the so of that because i mean like you could tweak things i mean if i try it for about three years now and i kind of member watch it back then if they can find out and just going to see what it was that's quite scary have you ever tweeted something that you might not want stored for all time usually a tweet recipes and food related things so i'd love it if they store it. i mean those are really surprised the truck your facebook and they track everything you do a lot i mean they have the rights and they stand long as the invention was five it is doing this for your protection do you believe that you trust them to use it not
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as a way to surveil you or invade your privacy you know i believe they're mean what more can they do i mean if you know if you put stuff on do that you don't want to be out there that you shouldn't do with where you should just keep your private stuff so you should influence with and all over the place whether or not you think the government storing our tweets is an invasion of privacy and the bottom line is you better think twice before you tweet because you never know who might be listening. bushell thomas will bring you more news in about half an hour time with the news team before that the bases edition of the ca's report focuses on the currency wars this is o.t. in moscow. helicopters
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flying through the air day and night rounds of assault rifle ammo popping as the choppers buzz over the land now this unique form of hell of terror is no longer restricted to those in vietnam in the middle east now houston miami residents of the good old usa can get in on the fun houston residents in terror called nine one one and scrambled for cover and even to schools put on lockdown as a military helicopters participate in a multi-agency training for ill in miami at night in the middle of downtown onlookers caught a video on their telephones of blackhawk helicopters pumping loud blank on to the people below and maybe even as i speak a flexibly schedule military drill could be happening in jasper county south carolina you know when i was a kid they tell us about how that year old soviet union would parade their tanks
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around how there were soldiers all over their oppressed country even in one thousand nine hundred four all made it a point to describe our military helicopters would eternally be overhead and a dystopian nightmare world now we're living the nightmare the united states is a huge country there's plenty of room on remote army bases to do your training also last time i checked afghanistan evil which is don't look like downtown miami just who are you training the kill anyways knock off the terror training but that's just my opinion. time to. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max cons or the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to conjure reports. max kaiser this is the kaiser report you know if you show up to a gunfight with a knife chances are you're going to have your guts ripped out shot dead in the street like a dog show up to a currency war with paper like mervyn king or ben bernanke here these other central banks and you'll also be eviscerated gunned down in the street by the gold vigilantes and that's a good thing stacey yes max over the past few weeks we've seen the coming of the
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showdown at the ok currency corral right you've seen various things you see wanted dead or alive essentially against the u.s. dollar right there in the middle of the poster a little bit a little bit yes wasn't dead or alive but i mean that metaphorically of course i would never suggest a special bankers would be gunned down and hunted down like dogs and ripped open and have their guts pulled up because of their profit ways i would never suggest that now. in this past week leading up to the g twenty we also had the g. seven they were saying denying that this occurred. since he wore that of course you need an official denial in order to confirm that it is true david cameron was asked by some old codger in prime minister questions time about his experience his old guy had lived through the great depression and he said it looks like with all this quantitative easing that we're actually trying to devalue the pound but so is the.


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